About Gary Dillard

Gary Dillard is a Cochise County native who was born and raised in the Bisbee area and chose to return to his roots after college. He has worked as a journalist, editing local weekly and daily papers and trade publications. Today, he does his work online, focusing on marketing, newsletters and the like.

In 1980, he discovered local history while helping write a centennial history of Phelps Dodge, and has never turned away from that interest. He has written, lectured and taught extensively about Bisbee, Cochise County and the Borderlands and continues to put as much time as possible into this research. He also is a tour guide for Lavender Jeep Tours, where he can talk about his favorite subjects.

With the advent of the Bisbee Deportation centennial year, he is focusing on that topic during 2017, with a number of written and oral presentations (including this website) in process.  If you follow this blog or the accompanying social media channels, you will be kept abreast of that work.