Bisbee goes dryer than dry

Arizona already was a dry state, but on Jan. 2, Bisbee went dryer still. “On and after Jan. 11, Bisbee will be a real dry spot in a real dry state,” The Bisbee Daily Review said in an article about the City Council’s decision.

“It is one of the most drastic pieces of legislation ever passed by any city and is aimed at the bootlegging which has been going on and also at the frequent disturbances of the peace in the city.”

Earlier, the Council had made a similar attempt, but the city attorney, L.B. Whitney, said it could not be enforced. Other lawyers in the area agreed.

The new law would make it unlawful “to even carry a bottle.” Punishment would be from $25 to $300 and from 10 days to 3 months in jail. “It will be unlawful for a man to keep liquor in his hotel room or in any place of public resort.”

The Review said that “though the ordinance appears to go far and by many may seem to invade the very sacred precincts of their homes and businesses, it was passed to eliminate certain evils with which the city is cursed and promises to go a long way in that direction.”

The ordinance covered all public places, including cellars and closets so connected, and covered “ardent spirits, ale, beer, wine or intoxicating liquor of any kind.”