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Sidebars: Near the top of most of the main stories will be one or two headlines, in red and underlined. These are events that took place that same day, and probably aren’t related to the main article, and thus not related to the Deportation. They are there simply to give a sense of what else was going on at the same time, both to put a bit of perspective to this history and to show what else the people of the time were focused on.

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PC: There will be times when the history of 1917 includes concepts or terms that aren’t “politically correct” today. In many cases, however, these are germane to the telling of the story. There are not included to offend, but to elucidate.

Backstory: The blog is designed to cover the year 1917 day to day. There will be times, however, when it is necessary to go back and give background information to clarify how it all arrived where it was on that day. It would not be possible to provide such information for a topic as major as “how to World War I start,” but that is readily available online or at your library. It might be helpful, for example, to provide the backstory on how the year 1917 started off with two men claiming to be governor of Arizona. When such is provided, the headline will be a date obviously out of sequence, but followed by the word “backstory.)