Is this pre-Rose Bowl? (Jan. 1)

For you sports fans, another front-page headline in the Review was “Oregon Eleven Trims Penn. U. 14 to 0 on Pasadena Gridiron.” I assume this was the Rose Bowl before it got that name.

“Before one of the greatest crowds that ever saw a football game on the Pacific Coast,” Oregon “humbled” Pennsylvania on Jan. 1.

During the first half, both teams resorted constantly to kicking in, the story said, with Pennsylvania twice trying for field goals and failing. Neither side ran more than a few times with the ball.

In the third quarter, Penn was near the goal but fumbled. “Then began a reversal of form that had the thousands cheering like mad. Oregon began a smashing attack on the Pennsylvania center for short, sharp gains which increased in length as the Red and Blue line began to crumble.”

Oregon finally scored in the third period, and the final period was “largely a repetition of the third.”